Health and Wellbeing of Carers

Carolyn Barkin, Director of Delivery at Simplyhealth

Currently in the UK, 3 million1 people combine caring for a loved one with paid work. That’s around one in nine workers in the UK with caring responsibilities; amongst employees 50 and over, it...

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How do we address the “large and enduring” disability employment gap?

Dr James Chandler, Research & Policy Analyst

The disability employment gap (DEG) is large and enduring. Depending on how you measure it, it ranges between 30 and 40 per cent (around 48% of disabled people are in employment compared to 80% of the...

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Commentary on the labour market statistics for Sept to Nov 2016

Dr Vincent O'Sullivan, Lecturer in Economics at Lancaster University

The labour market statistics for Sept to Nov 2016 show a fall in unemployment (now 4.8%), but does this figure accurately represent the number of unemployed people in the UK? The latest labour market...

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Fairness and Practicalities

Dr Cathy Garner FSS FRSA, Director of Partnerships

What is fairness? A report published jointly by the Work Foundation and CIPD in 2013 noted that “trying to unravel what fairness is or thinking of ways to better manage it takes us into a...

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