What do we mean by ‘work as a health outcome’?

Karen Steadman, Health, Wellbeing and Work Lead

The quality of work is important. This is as true in terms of productivity and job satisfaction as it is in terms of health. There is a considerable body of research demonstrating how work contributes...

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Social prescribing; can it boost employment chances?

Cicely Dudley, Research and Policy Analyst

There is a growing recognition among UK policymakers that a person’s health is not simply determined by their medical status. Fulfilment of social, emotional and practical needs also play a role in...

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A modern Industrial Strategy for the UK – can it deliver?

Lesley Giles, Director

The long awaited industrial strategy paper was launched this month, albeit in the form of a green paper, which is out for consultation until 17th April. On one reading, it doesn’t represent a wholly...

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