Valuing our NHS staff is important now more than ever

Dr Zofia Bajorek, Lead Researcher in HR and Management

I am putting it out there – I love the NHS. I know millions of people across the country do as well.  Having a service that provides free medical treatment - usually of high quality - when we need...

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Commentary on the labour market statistics for March to May 2017

Professor Geraint Johnes, Director of Research

The labour market statistics for March to May 2017, released today, show a continued increase in employment. Wage data, however, continue to be a source of concern. The latest labour market...

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Good Work: keeping health in the picture

Karen Steadman, Health, Wellbeing and Work Lead

The health of the working age population and its relationship to good work is a core interest of ours here at the Work Foundation. Health and work are inextricably linked, and we are pleased to see...

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Ensuring the Future of Good Work

Lesley Giles, Director

Today, the much anticipated ‘Good Work’ review on modern working practices was published. We welcome this report, its findings and recommendations, not least for its formal recognition for the...

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