Helping employers support their working carers

Dr James Chandler, Research & Policy Analyst

Working carers in the UK: the context There are over five million informal carers in the UK and their number has increased 16.5% since 2001. The economic value of their contribution, calculated from...

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Creating good work that improves future productivity and supports inclusive growth

Lesley Giles, Director of the Work Foundation

On 2nd November the Work Foundation ran a conference in partnership with the OECD, Warwick University, and the Centre for Cities to discuss the key challenges facing the UK in building more quality...

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A formula for success

Helen Sheldon, Researcher at the Work Foundation

In 2015 when I joined the Work Foundation, one of the first things I worked on with my colleagues here was a study to determine where UK businesses were at in terms of reaching a ‘Tipping Point’...

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Project preview: Fringe benefits – improving business performance and tackling in-work poverty

Heather Carey, Deputy Director, Work Foundation

Earlier this month we celebrated Living Wage Week, recognising the commitment made by over 3,700 businesses to pay their staff a fair wage, that reflects the real cost of living in different parts of...

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Good Gags but a Grim Message

Geraint Johnes, Professor of Economics, Lancaster University Management School

Autumn Budget 2017 - Investment in technology and in housing provided the twin cornerstones of this Budget. The Chancellor made much of the UK’s position as a leader in new technologies, and...

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Commentary on the labour market statistics for July to September 2017

Geraint Johnes, Professor of Economics at Lancaster University Management School

The labour market statistics for July to September 2017, released today , show employment and unemployment falling. The evidence on pay, however, is mixed. The latest labour market statistics show...

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