It’s time to provide an update on our centenary celebrations. We are proud to be able to celebrate a very rich and long history.

Our heritage is important to us because it sets the context within which we operate. It’s the foundation upon which we are built and, our core purpose, to advance opportunities at work, remains just as strong today as it has throughout the last 100 years of the Work Foundations existence. Whilst the labour market context since 1918 is clearly fundamentally different, the dedication to ‘Good Work’ and everything that this entails hasn’t changed. Neither has the commitment to finding innovative ‘real’ solutions to work related challenges through partnerships and collaborative working that will make people’s working lives, and businesses performance, better.

During this, our centenary year, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate by provoking thought and debate around some of the most pressing challenges we face at work in a modern dynamic economy. Over the next six months we will be publishing a series of ‘provocation papers’ to stimulate current thinking, share good practices and inspire improvements and change. All of which will be up for discussion at our celebration event in spring next year.

Keep an eye out for the papers as we’d love to hear from you if you have thoughts, ideas and proposals on any of these.

About the author

Tifany Battersby

Senior Policy Advisor,  Work Foundation