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Dr Tyna Taskila

Dr Tyna Taskila

Senior Researcher


Telephone: 020 7976 3532

Dr Tyna Taskila is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Workforce Effectiveness. She has over 10 years of experience of academic and applied research in health and  wellbeing of employees. Tyna is an internationally recognised expert in research on return to work and employment of people with chronic conditions, especially cancer. She has worked as researcher in academic institutions in Finland, Holland and the UK. In policy work, she is particularly interested in how to improve and develop services and health care policies for people with chronic conditions that would effectively support them in returning to or remaining at work.  

During her career Tyna has been involved in applied research policy campaigns, randomised controlled trials, epidemiological and qualitative studies and systematic reviews.  She has conducted research in both community and clinical settings. 

She is Co-Chair of the management committee of the European Cancer and Work Network (CANWON), which is funded by intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST), allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level.



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Living long, working well
As the number of working age adults has begun to decline and as pension provision remains inadequate for many, people need to carry on working longer. The fourth paper from the Health at Work Policy Unit looks at ways in which policymakers and employers can support older workers with health conditions to remain active at work.

Tyna Taskila, Victoria Shreeve, Mariarossella Laghini, Stephen Bevan
22 July 2015

Symptoms of depression and their effects on employment
This study looks at the role that symptoms associated with depression can have on an individual’s ability to find a job, or remain in employment.

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The Health at Work Policy Unit’s first paper recommends that the government must comprehensively reform its strategy if it is to tackle the barriers that remain for many businesses in implementing health and wellbeing programmes.

Zofia Bajorek, Victoria Shreeve, Stephen Bevan, Tyna Taskila
21 October 2014

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In recent discussions on employee health and wellbeing, increasing attention has been paid to presenteeism. However, is presenteeism always a negative phenomenon causing harm to employees' health?

Dr Tyna Taskila
04 August 2014

Debunking the myths of cancer and employment
Tyna Taskila, Senior Researcher and Co - Chair of the European Cancer and Work Research Network, blogs about the importance of vocational rehabilitation services for cancer survivors on World Cancer Day.

Dr Tyna Taskila
04 February 2014

GPs’ motivation to refer their patients into Health and Work Service (HWS) may play a key role in its success
Dr Tyna Taskila, a senior researcher within the centre for workforce effectiveness, writes about Macmillan Cancer Support's workshop on the Health and Work Service (HWS) for chronic conditions.

Dr Tyna Taskila
16 October 2013

How to keep cancer survivors in the workplace?
Dr Tyna Taskila further examines the latest reports in the media around the long-term health problems faced by cancer survivors.

Dr Tyna Taskila
19 July 2013

Returning to work is getting harder for cancer survivors yet more could done
Dr Tyna Taskila responds to the latest study which reveals that a third of cancer patients lose an average of £860 in monthly income because of their illness.

Dr Tyna Taskila
02 May 2013

Britain cannot afford to ignore the support needs of workers with long-term conditions
The Health and Work Assessment and Advisory Service (HWAAS), which will be introduced next year, is designed to support those who have been on sick leave for more than four weeks back to work. We welcomed the new service - which has the potential to fill a large and important gap in current provision by giving specialist advice and support to people on long-term sick leave.

Dr Tyna Taskila
25 April 2013

Right type of support is key for supporting people with cancer in the workplace
World Cancer Day aims to raise awareness about the reality of living with cancer. The perception that cancer is a death sentence still widely exists, however, thanks to early detection and better treatment, cancer has increasingly become a chronic illness. Changing the image of cancer and breaking down myths related to cancer are key factors in the success.

Dr Tyna Taskila
04 February 2013

Businesses need support to help their employees with cancer get back to work
Recent improvements in the treatment and early diagnosis of cancer has resulted in an increasing number of survivors remaining in work.

Dr Tyna Taskila
30 November 2012

How can we better support people living with schizophrenia to enter or return to the workplace?
The Schizophrenia Commission Report published yesterday (14 November) gives valuable insights into the state of the UK’s mental health services, and recommendations for improving recovery outcomes for people living with schizophrenia. Importantly, the report gives hope to those living with the condition that - with the right support – recovery is a realistic possibility.

Dr Tyna Taskila
15 November 2012

Work Capability Assessment is not suitable for people with mental health disorders
Rethink’s recent survey reveals GP’s perceptions of how the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) impacts on their patients. The results are saddening to read.

Dr Tyna Taskila
06 September 2012

Capability to work is an invaluable part of the path to good mental health
Paul Jenkins recent article for the Huffington Post focused on the Government’s unredeemed promise to make real investments on mental health services. According to Jenkins, people with mental health conditions struggle to get access to basic services such as medication reviews or psychological therapies.

Dr Tyna Taskila
17 August 2012

It’s time to tackle negative attitudes toward people with mental health conditions at work
The pharmacological treatment of many severe mental health conditions has improved dramatically over the last decade. As a result, increasing number of people with a history of mental health disorders live fulfilling lives.

Dr Tyna Taskila
23 July 2012

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