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The Bell-Blanchflower Underemployment Index - Quarter 2 2001 - Quarter4 2015

Here are the latest data from the Bell-Blanchflower underemployment index from the 4th quarter 2015 Labour Force Survey. It is shown alongside the conventionally measured unemployment rate. Both series are seasonally adjusted.

The underemployment index measures the excess supply of hours in the economy. It adds together (i) the hours that the unemployed would work if they could find a job and (ii) the change in hours that those already in work would prefer to form a total measure of surplus hours. This is then expressed as a percentage of the sum of hours worked and surplus hours to give the underemployment rate.

The Bell-Blanchflower data will be published each quarter by The Work Foundation. It is developed by Professor David N.F. Bell of the University of Stirling and Professor David G. Blanchflower CBE of Dartmouth College, USA.

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