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Ian Brinkley
Economic Advisor

Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship: New drivers for a new economy

Thursday, 08 April 2010
08:30 - 10:00
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, 44 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8QS

The registration will start at 8.30 (networking - a light breakfast will be served) and the event will end at 10.00am.

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Britain’s reliance on financial services, property and construction to power its economic and employment growth – with the remaining jobs largely supplied by a public sector whose tax revenues were buoyed up the bubble economy – is no longer sustainable. Britain’s challenge in 2010 is to rebuild its economic model around investment and innovation with little direct public money. By 2020 the UK must create a balanced and sustainable knowledge economy. There is no other option.

Despite the urgency and scale of these challenges, little attention is being given to them. Instead, the pre Election debate is dominated by public spending cuts and tax rises. This seminar helps address that balance.

In this seminar we will set a Work Foundation vision for how the 2020 economy should look, what the key economic activities are that we must focus on, and how do we get from where we are to where we need to be over the next decade. We will set out what we think a 2020 innovation ecosystem will look like to make productive entrepreneurship, innovation and investment as the basis for future economic prosperity.


  •  Will Hutton, Executive Vice Chair, The Work Foundation
  •  Ian Brinkley, Knowledge Economy Programme Director, The Work Foundation
  •  Additional panel members will be drawn from sponsors of the Knowledge Economy Programme

RSVP: Sezis Okut,, 0207 976 3605

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