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Employment Law Seminar: Flexible and family friendly working

Wednesday, 13 April 2011
09:00 - 12:00
The Work Foundation, 21 Palmer Street, London SW1H 0AD



  • Sarah Howlett, Partner, McGrigors LLP
  • Jane Emslie, Senior Solicitor, McGrigors LLP
  • Helen Foley, Senior Solicitor, McGrigors LLP
  • Sean ConnollySolicitor, McGrigors LLP
  • Stephen Overell, Associate Director – Policy, The Work Foundation

The seminar explained the current position on the right to request flexible working, "associative" discrimination, additional paternity leave and maternity leave. This session provided an explanation on how the law in this area is structured; an exploration of the practical issues which often arise; and suggestions on how best to address them.

Topics covered:

This session included an informative presentation by individuals from the law firm McGrigors, as well as interactive discussions to illustrate the practical implications of the latest legal developments.

  • Right to request flexible working arrangements – current position in light of the recent Budget announcement including the process for making a request, considerations when making a decision to accept or refuse a request and potential exposure to claims.

  • How might the new right to claim associative discrimination in the Equality Act impact your business?  Looking at the existing case law in this area and providing practical examples of when this type of claim may arise.

  • Additional paternity leave – consideration of who is entitled to the additional leave, the notice mechanism and the practical issues which may arise when granting additional paternity leave.

  • A review of frequently asked questions in relation to maternity leave including – can I ever dismiss a pregnant employee on the grounds of redundancy? Do I have to provide benefits provided to employees via salary sacrifice during maternity leave? How do you calculate notice pay when dismissing an employee on maternity leave? What is the position with employees undergoing IVF treatment?

This event is exclusively for partners of The Work Foundation.

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