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Recession, recovery and the quality of work

Tuesday, 12 April 2011
09:45 - 13:00
21 Palmer Street, The Work Foundation

Although policymakers are increasingly anxious about unemployment, the quality of work in the UK labour market is also of longstanding concern. Prior to the recession research suggested issues to do with falling autonomy, stress and poor use of skills were leading to a diminished experience of work for many people – even if problems of casualisation, long hours and insecurity were somewhat overstated. But how has the recession affected this picture? The recession and early stages of the recovery do appear to have had the effect of worsening job security and increasing stress levels. How is the Coalition’s emerging reform programme likely to affect the workplace? And what is the appropriate set of policies for the 21st century workplace? This expert roundtable event examines evidence about jobquality in the UK and asks what policy interventions would lead to better work and better employment relations.



  • Francis Green, Professor of Labour Economics and Skills Development, Institute of Education University of London
  • Duncan Gallie, Professor of Sociology of the University of Oxford
  • Ed Sweeney, Chair, ACAS
  • Chair: Stephen Overell, Associate Director – Policy, The Work Foundation
This event is by invitation only. For enquiries please email Nina Gryf at

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