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The Work Foundation 2011 Annual Debate

The Work Foundation 2011 Annual Debate

Tuesday, 07 June 2011
18:00 - 21:00
21 Palmer Street

In the second year of The Work Foundation Annual Debate, we tackled a subject that remains a contentious talking point as, for the first time, the government and The Office of National Statistics  attempted to measure the UK’s happiness levels. The work is still ongoing and due to be revealed in 2012.

Work (or the lack of it) is bound to be a key factor in how the UK fares in the government’s Happiness Index. Yet, according to some surveys, only one in five UK employees is happy at work. Is the fact that UK citizens spend more time at work than most other nations partly to blame or is it something entirely different?

View the film of the debate here to find out more.

We were delighted to host a panel of great speakers:

  • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, writer, broadcaster, columnist at The Independent

  • Professor Cary Cooper, distinguished professor of organisational psychology and health, Lancaster University Management School

  • Will Hutton, executive vice chair, The Work Foundation

  • Sheila Lawlor, director, Politeia

  • Lord Richard Layard, programme director at the Centre for Economic Performance, LSE, and founder of Action for Happiness

  • Chair: Zoe Williams, columnist, The Guardian

 Listen to the audio from the event below: 

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