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Party conferences 2013

The Work Foundation had a full programme of events at all three party conferences in 2013.

For the eighth consecutive year, The Work Foundation delivered nine highly valued and well attended fringe events with top political speakers, on themes of health and wellbeing, labour market, growth and innovation.

  • The Socio-Economic Centre and Impetus-Private Equity Foundation fringe events, 'Lost in transition? Why are young people failing to make the transition from school to work?' focused on youth unemployment. The core questions were around what policymakers, schools and employers should be doing to ensure that disadvantaged young people in particular get the right support.
  • The Big Innovation Centre’s fringe events entitled, 'Killing the zombies and raising the innovators' looked at the potential of new types of banking business models and how they aim to remove the structural barriers in our economy, as well as the opportunity for business accelerator initiatives to build truly supportive environments around small innovative companies.
  • Our event on skills and training for young people was based on the latest findings from the Youth Insight Report, conducted by The Work Foundation and KFC, with IFF Research. Featuring new research with young people on their attitudes and approaches to development opportunities and work, these panel sessions explored how employers and policymakers can better understand young people’s aspirations and approaches to work.

We combine the experience of running party conferences events with being a respectable fixture in the listings. The year before we hosted fringes with Simon Hughes MP, Stephen Timms MP, Mark Hoban MP, former Employment Minister, John Hayes MP, Cabinet Minister, the events were chaired by Faisal Islam C4, Fraser Nelson, The Spectator and Phillipp Inman from The Guardian.

The main benefit in partnering with The Work Foundation at the party conferences is the opportunity to position your organisation as an influential body, a leading voice within the employment, health and wellbeing and growth debates. It is a great opportunity to build good relationships with government and policy makers and to become trusted advisors to government.

'Party conferences were an excellent way of getting Impetus-PEF in front of some the most influential people in government and policy development. Collaborating with The Work Foundation and using the report “Lost in Transition” as a back drop to the fringe events worked really well. The Work Foundation did much of the groundwork including securing the speakers and liaising with the conference organisers which left us to focus on speaking and networking.

The attendees, especially at Labour and Conservative fringe events were of a very high calibre which was not only good positioning for Impetus – PEF but also resulted in many new and relevant contacts which will be beneficial to us moving forward. Attending conferences was very worthwhile and we should look to do this again.'

Rhian Johns, Director of Policy and Campaigns at Impetus - PEF

      We were pleased to be partnering with Impetus - Private Equity Foundation and KFC: