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The Work Foundation Annual Debate

The Work Foundation Annual Debate has tackled fairness in the workplace, explored whether the National Happiness Index was going to be a meaningless measure and asked if there is a need for a radical shift in the way we do business.

Past panellists have included Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Franny Armstrong, Rory Bremner, Cary Cooper, Umair HaqueWill Hutton, Lord Richard Layard, Mark Littlewood, Deborah Meaden, Geoff Mulgan, Baroness Debbie Stedman-Scott and Professor Kevin Warwick.

Chairs have included Anjana Ahuja who is a freelance science writer, Faisal Islam from Channel 4 News, Daisy McAndrew from ITV News and Zoe Williams from The Guardian.

The Work Foundation 2013 Annual Debate explored the future impact of human enhancement and robots on the workplace.

The Work Foundation 2013 Annual Debate

Will robots and enhanced humans steal our jobs?
With Geetu Bharwaney, Geoff Mulgan, Dr Neil Lee, Professor Kevin Warwick and chaired by Anjana Ahuja.

The Work Foundation 2012 Annual Debate

Does the economy need a new kind of business?
With Ian Brinkley, Umair Haque, Mark Littlewood, Lucy Marcus, Deborah Meaden and chaired by Daisy McAndrew.

The Work Foundation 2011 Annual Debate

The National Happiness Index: Work will either make or break it
With Prof Cary Cooper, Lord Layard, Will Hutton, Sheila Lawlor and chaired by Zoe Williams.

The Work Foundation 2010 Annual Debate

Are we heading for a fairer workplace? 
With Franny Armstrong, Rory Bremner, Will Hutton, Karen Jennings,David Macleod, Baroness Debbie Stedman-Scott and chaired by Faisal Islam.