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The Work Foundation 2013 Annual Debate

The escalating pace of technological development will determine the biggest changes in our approach to work over the coming years. Just as industrial mechanisation once left people anxious that machines would replace human labour, now technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and human enhancement leave us asking similar questions: how will technology affect the future of work?  
Bringing together a panel of leading public figures, The Work Foundation 2013 Annual Debate will address some of these big questions, asking how realistic these predictions really are, how these trends could impact on our working lives, and what if anything may be done to mitigate the negative effects on society.

For more information on the debate, click here.


Geetu  Bharwaney

Geetu Bharwaney

Managing Director of EI World

Dr Neil Lee

Dr Neil Lee

Head of the socio-economic centre

Dr Hannah Maslen

Dr Hannah Maslen

Research Fellow

Geoff  Mulgan

Geoff Mulgan

Chief Executive of NESTA

Professor Kevin Warwick

Professor Kevin Warwick

Professor of Cybernetics


Anjana  Ahuja

Anjana Ahuja

Freelance science writer and events chair