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A contract for growth

06 May 2010

A contract for growth

The campaigning has ended and the voting has begun. The Work Foundation would not presume to tell anyone how to vote. It does not align itself with any political party. But it does take a deep interest in the development of public policy. And it does so from a strong evidence base. This is why today it calls on the next government to promise a contract for growth. Such a contract will be based on understanding the need to help the UK’s high growth potential knowledge intensive industries to grow more quickly than hitherto. This requires smart government intervention in the places and in the institutions that can aid such growth. It needs to understand how new innovation eco systems will provide the bedrock for new industries in green technology, bio sciences, and high-tech manufacturing. It must pick winning sectors and back them to the hilt. When it comes to cutting the size of the deficit, public sector cuts will need to observe sensible speed limits. The next government must understand the profound reshaping of the UK’s economy over the last two decades. It needs to know that many parts of the country have become dependent on the public sector for jobs and that those jobs have provided a lifeline to people living in the West Midlands, North East, North West, Wales and Scotland whose old manufacturing bases have long since gone. It also needs to believe that high performance work practices are as important when times are hard as they are when times are good and promote them with vim and vigour. These are the ideas that form our contract for growth.

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