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To discuss how you and your organisation can get more involved with The Work Foundation, please contact us.

Call 020 7976 3575 or email

Public sector, government and academia

"We are always seeking a rich mix of new ideas to better inform our policy making. As such, we really value the different perspective that The Work Foundation provides and welcome the opportunity to engage with stakeholders at their partner events."

Trevor Huddlestone, Director of Strategy, Department for Work and Pensions

We work with over 54 institutes and departments across academia, government and the public sector. We offer all our partners an apolitical and unbiased voice on key areas surrounding the world of work. Our programmes focus on solutions to real problems and the associated policy measures that can address the challenge.

The challenge ahead for the publicly funded organisations is immense and the pressure to do more with less means networks focused on innovation, productivity and resilience in the workforce are a must. 

As part of our network you can engage directly in our research consortia and attend our varied events programme where you can actively engage with a range of organisations and sectors.