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Understanding the Deal

Understanding the Deal

Wilson Wong, Laura Blazey, Jane Sullivan, Ksenia Zheltoukhova, Alexandra Albert and Ben Reid
22 November 2010

This report, the fourth in the Future of HR series, outlines a conceptual framework of the employee’s perception of how their relationship with their employer is forged, sustained and re-negotiated. Based on the synthesis of data from over 130 interviews across six organisations, the Deal Framework considers both the formal and psychological components of the employment deal, and evaluates the interaction between the key players in the employment relationship. It provides HR and all those with an interest in people management with an instrument for understanding the motivations and meaning of work for the modern employee. The report goes on to highlight the implications of adopting this employee-centric perspective on HR practice in the areas of employee engagement, talent management, employee involvement and jobs.

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'Beyond the wisdom the report [Understanding the Deal] provides real advice, case studies and ideas to make practical use of the research. .. On a personal note is has become my new HR bible!'
David Blackburn, Director of Business Support, Shepherds Bush Housing
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'Organisations which understand this more sophisticated interpretation (of the deal) will have the best chance to engage their people and encourage high levels of discretionary effort, motivation, resilience and adaptability amongst their workforce in these challenging economic times. '
Katy Dent, HR Director, Arts Council England
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'They (Line managers) need guides like this to judge just how onside people really are and to focus their management skills to the real individual agenda.'
Paul R. Sparrow, Director, Centre for Performance-led HR
Professor of International Human Resource Management
Lancaster University Management School
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'The Work Foundation’s research into this was ...of great interest and we were delighted to partner with them on it ..(they) have developed a conceptual model which provides much food for thought.'
Tracy Clarke, Group Head of HR, Standard Chartered 
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