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Ian Brinkley
Economic Advisor

Kuwait and the Knowledge Economy

Kuwait and the Knowledge Economy

Ian Brinkley, Will Hutton, Philippe Schneider and Kristian Coates Ulrichsen
30 April 2012

This report sets out the challenges and options for Kuwait in creating a knowledge based economy over the coming decades.  Kuwait is a “latecomer” with a society and economy shaped by four decades of buoyant oil wealth, but also has assets in plentiful capital, a sophisticated consumer base, a young population, and a strategic location in the region.

We suggest focusing on adapting processes and products developed elsewhere to local markets and capturing more of the downstream benefits from the production of oil and gas.  Within the strategic framework created by the current Four Year Plan, we recommend a step by step approach to build an innovation eco-system that creates an enabling environment and a network of mutually reinforcing institutions focused on publicly supported research and private sector market development and firm formation supported by the financial and education systems. The report identifies a number of areas where more detailed work is required. 

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