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Ian Brinkley
Economic Advisor
Katy Jones
Dr Neil Lee
Head of the socio-economic centre
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The Gender Jobs Split: How young men and women experience the labour market

The Gender Jobs Split: How young men and women experience the labour market

Ian Brinkley, Katy Jones and Neil Lee
01 November 2013

The UK labour market over the past five years has performed very differently from previous downturns. Policy makers are still struggling to work out how much of this difference is a one-off generated by the exceptional nature of a recession resulting from a financial crisis and how much is caused by long term changes in the nature of employment. The youth labour market is no exception.

For young people entering the labour market the first few years of employment can be crucial. And these first few years vary significantly by gender, with young women and men experiencing different pathways into the labour market. This Touchstone Extra considers how the pathways into work for young people vary by gender. It is structured as follows:

    • Chapter 1 – Considers young people in employment
    • Chapter 2 – Focuses on young people in education
    • Chapter 3 – Considers young people not in education, employment or training and the support available for young people out of work
    • Chapter 4 – Develops the implications of this work for policy.

     This report is part of a series of TUC Touchstone Pamphlets.

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