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Karen Steadman
Senior Researcher

Symptoms of depression and their effects on employment

Symptoms of depression and their effects on employment

Karen Steadman and Tyna Taskila
21 May 2015

This study looks at the role that symptoms associated with depression can have on an individual’s ability to find a job, or remain in employment. We also explore the evidence around which interventions and support might improve employment outcomes for people experiencing these symptoms, and make a series of recommendations about we might enhance employment outcomes for this group.

We found that specific symptoms, including low mood, difficulty concentrating, and negative thinking, can have a considerable effect on employment outcomes, and that poor awareness and access to appropriate, evidence-based services are forming barriers to improving rates of employment for people with depression – many of whom want to work, and are able to work.

The report was informed by a review of the recent academic literature on symptoms of depression and employment outcomes, and through interviews with experts in the field.

An executive summary of the report can be downloaded by clicking here.

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