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Karen Steadman
Senior Researcher

Working with Schizophrenia: Germany

Working with Schizophrenia: Germany

Karen Steadman
09 June 2015

This report highlights the barriers experienced by people with schizophrenia in Germany to entering and remaining in the open labour market, and considers what can be done to overcome them. The evidence demonstrates that employment is an achievable and sought after goal for many people with schizophrenia. For many, a return to work is associated with recovery. In this sense alleviation of symptoms is rarely seen as an end in itself, but more a means to the end of living a full and meaningful life which often includes employment. Indeed, work can be invaluable for those want it, providing a sense of purpose, dignity and social inclusion.

The Work Foundation argues that with better co-ordinated support, increased flexibility in current systems and greater understanding of the condition and the importance of work for recovery, considerably larger numbers of people with schizophrenia could both gain access to, and remain within, the German labour market.

An Executive Summary of the report can be downloaded in English and German.

In 2013 The Work Foundation published a study on schizophrenia in the UK, to view that report click here.

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