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Dr Cathy Garner FSS FRSA
Director, The Work Foundation

Findings & recommendations of London Stansted Cambridge Corridor Growth Commission

London Standsted Cambridge Corridor Growth Commission
13 July 2016

London and the East of England are the two fastest growing regions in the UK, and the London Standsted Cambridge Corridor (LSCC) combines their strength and potential.

Nearly one in seven of the UK’s jobs are within a 10km radius of the corridor and a higher proportion of these jobs are in high-skill, high-growth sectors than nationwide. The Corridor has 2.7 million residents and a workforce of 1.8 million people. The London Stansted Cambridge corridor is home to a highly productive economy, with the region’s productivity 16 per cent above the UK average and supports 303,000 jobs in knowledge based industries.

The corridor has the potential to be the next global knowledge region.

The Corridor shares a set of fast growing and highly productive advanced industries supported by a global centre for business and financial services. These are underpinned by a shared housing market, labour market, and infrastructure system. The London Stansted Cambridge Corridor could become a global tech and life sciences region if it can provide a high quality environment for business and talent, offering the space and infrastructure for growth.

This report examines the economic case and makes recommendations on how to support the corridor's growth and success.

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