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Karen Steadman
Senior Researcher

Heath and Work infographics

Karen Steadman and Manuel Ramos
13 September 2016

A series of infographics intended to help raise awareness and understanding of the relationship between health and work. Produced and published by Public Health England with support and input from The Work Foundation.

These inforgraphics focus on the following themes:
1. Spotlight on mental health
2. Cost of ill health
3. Health of the working age population
4. Health of UK employees
5. Spotlight on musculoskeletal conditions (MSK)
6. Managing health at work for employers
7. Spotlight on Small Medium Enterprises (SME)
8. Unemployment and economic inactivity
9. Welfare
10. The local picture
11. Supporting older workers with health problems
12. Young people and health at work


To help set the scene of their significance please read our blog and for a full set of infographics please click here

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