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Jobs, Skills & Local Economic Development

Skills and learning are the key to job success in today’s economy. Our work has shone a light on the issues of zero-hours contracts; equality, diversity and inclusion that are emerging from disruption in the labour markets following the recent financial crisis. Our work on the emerging trends both at national and local levels; the skills gaps and dynamic needs driven by new business models and new ways of working are areas of deep knowledge and interest. Our past work on knowledge-based economies informs all our work in this area.

Tackling a broad range of societal barriers to Good Work including understanding youth unemployment, employability skills and incentivising poverty reduction in local areas; our work seeks to understand the issues and develop strategies with our partners in taking on these challenges. 

Youth unemployment

There are nearly one million young people unemployed in the UK. The Missing Million is a solutions-focused project, which aims to address the youth employment challenge.

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Zero hours contracts

Details of The Work Foundation's analysis of the available data on zero hours contracts so far. The report aims to identify the full extent to which they are being used and how and why they are being used.

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The bottom ten million

The bottom ten million programme focuses on the challenges of low-wage work, unemployment, labour market disadvantage, skills and place.

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Cities 2020 is committed to researching high-growth firms, innovation, impact on the low-skilled, demand for graduates and city leadership.

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