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David Shoesmith
Business Development Manager

Workforce health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing programme seeks to promote a systemic approach to creating healthy workplaces. Health at work is not just about people being physically well. Our ongoing research confirms that physical, social and psychological wellbeing are closely interlinked, and that sickness absence is often a symptom of work stress and low engagement.

Work organisation, job design and management practices are key to the establishment and sustainment of a healthy work environment and in preventing work-related and non-work related health issues from developing or worsening.

Health at Work policy unit

The Health at Work Policy Unit provides policy recommendations and commentary on health, wellbeing and work issues. It aims to provide an independent, authoritative and evidence- based voice which articulates the views of all stakeholders.

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Long-term conditions

Our research finds that many people with long-term conditions would be able to work with due support of employers and health care professionals. The Work Foundation campaigns for appropriate public policy support for people with long-term disease.

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