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Programme Manager
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Social media and employees

Employees' social media use is currently the UK’s fastest-growing area of HR disciplinary procedures. This suggests that many organisations see social media use by employees as a threat to productivity and engagement. And yet, at the same time, leading organisations in both the public and private sectors are gaining major advantages through strategies that harness social media use as a crucial link to customers and service users – and as a driver of innovation.

At their best, it seems organisations with more enlightened social media strategies are developing what research at The Work Foundation has always shown to be beneficial for organisations: employee empowerment, autonomy, teamworking and voice.

This joint research programme between The Work Foundation and Lancaster University will consider the variety of social media strategies across organisations and answer these key questions:

  • How can organisations harness social media technologies in order to make best use of employees’ potential for innovation?
  • What are the implications of the decreasing control over social media use in the workplace for HR and people management?

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