Dr Tony Moody

Economist and Skills Specialist

From 2013-2017, Tony led the Enterprise Analysis team in BEIS, the UK’s central Government business department. Enterprise Analysis generated evidence and in sight into how UK businesses could contribute more to the economy and national prosperity, and identified the opportunity for Government to catalyse growth. Specifically, his focus was on the half of economic output generated by small, medium-sized and new businesses, and how the business environment can facilitate better and more productive firms to start-up and to subsequently succeed and grow. HM Treasury’s ‘Productivity Plan’ contained much of his narrative on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Tony has worked as a Senior Civil Servant for 15 years, previously in the education and employment departments. He has led on providing the economic and statistical analysis behind large items of Government expenditure including education funding across England, capital investment in school building, establishing Academies and Free Schools, and the New Deal welfare programmes. He has established some of the nation’s best longitudinal surveys and datasets and forged stronger links between policymakers and academics by commissioning and managing a variety of research centres. He is a Fellow of the Operational Research Society and holds degrees from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.