Carol Stanfield

Labour Market Research and Policy Evaluation Specialist

Carol’s experience brings together research, policy evaluation, policy design and implementation and programme management. She is able to translate research into policy and practice, solve difficult problems and work constructively with stakeholders. She has designed and commissioned a number of complex evaluations, including the quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the £100m Investment Funds of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. Over 100 projects of varying scale, scope and activity were invested in to achieve the same high-level objectives. This required a detailed understanding of the projects which had not been collated or systematically recorded when funds were issued and therefore a retrospective review and categorisation was needed. Carol also supported the design of the monitoring systems needed to capture relevant data during monitoring and designed the qualitative and quantitative research which would address the questions posed by Government, and consistent with the requirements of the Green Book.

Taking the learning from this evaluation – methodologically and in terms of what constituted best practice – Carol led on the design of the implementation of next phase of investment funds, the UK Futures Programme (UKFP). Smaller in scale, the UKFP was an intensive programme intended to co-create with co-investees innovative solutions to pressing workplace productivity problems. Projects were selected, in part, on the basis of their ability to learn from their activity and the overall programme of co-creation, monitoring and evaluating was designed to both stimulate continuous improvement for the projects themselves and draw out learning for wider stakeholders and interested parties. Carol ran Innovation Labs or Action Learning Sets with investees to explore problems, share good practice and develop communities of interest and expertise. Carol also designed and wrote up much of the dissemination of good practice literature and input to the independent evaluation reports to extract as much learning as possible.

At Sheffield Hallam University, Carol designed a process to implement the University’s refreshed strategy, enabling a rigorous assessment of organisational performance and assessment of return on investment.

She is an experienced interviewer, able to engage respondents and draw out objective assessments of performance; and an experienced analyst of complex and diverse information sources to identify and draw out the most relevant information.

Selected publications

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