Dr Mark Matthews

Innovation Strategy and Public Policy Specialist

Mark Matthews is a specialist on innovation strategy and public policy. He has worked at senior levels in academia and consulting in both the UK and in Australia. Over 2016/17 he helped to launch the consultancy firm SDG Economic Development (for whom he now works as a Special Advisor) and is currently working on a range of innovation strategy projects.

His career highlights include running a science diplomacy unit jointly funded by the European Commission and the Australian Government and launching and running a public policy a think tank located in a major research university. He has sat on a range of government advisory committees, chaired high-level strategic dialogues, and co-led a path-breaking joint government-academic team in Australia which researched and wrote a state government economic development White Paper. Whilst working in Australia he also developed the format and co-produced the Australian Broadcasting Corporations’ Future Forum television series. Mark teaches capacity-building courses for government officials, and has participated in a wide range of strategy assignments together with evaluations and reviews of government interventions. He is particularly interested in governments’ distinctive role as uncertainty and risk manager of ‘last resort’ and the implications of this role for public sector reform. He is the author of Transformational Public Policy: A New Strategy for Coping with Uncertainty and Risk (Routledge: Studies in Governance and Public Policy).

His contributions to the Work Foundation focus on the nexus between Industrial Strategy, innovation capability and global economic and technological inter-connectivity – with an emphasis on understanding the implications for future employment levels and quality of work in the UK.