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Launching the OpenIDEO Challenge: Skills for young people

Annie Peate

28 May 2012

Youth unemployment is one of the biggest problems across the world. The International Labour Organisation estimate that 12.7 per cent of young people globally are out of work, with many more in temporary or part time employment. There’s a desperate need for innovative solutions to help address this crisis.

Today (28 May) Barclays, Ideo and The Work Foundation will launch an exciting new web-based initiative to come up with some ideas. The OpenIDEO challenge will run for three months and will see thousands collaborating globally to address the challenge of ‘How can we equip young people with the skills, information and opportunities to succeed in the world of work’

This is how it works;

1) The above ‘challenge’ is posed.

2) Following a process of refinement, peer-feedback and shortlisting, the most innovative, scalable concepts will be evaluated and critiqued by the community, with the best being put-forward for further judging by an expert panel.

3) At the end of the twelve weeks the winning concepts will be announced.

4) Finally, The Work Foundation will produce a report documenting the challenge, the contributions and winning concepts, in the hope that it will serve as an on-going resource influencing large-scale and grassroots projects around the world.

The aim is to globally open up the dialogue on the youth unemployment issue and identify creative, implementable ideas to help solve the problem, and we’re really excited at the prospect of collaborating in something so unique and innovative.

The Youth Unemployment OpenIDEO Challenge will run from 28 May to 4 October 2012. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the challenge gets underway.

To find out more about the challenge, or to contribute your own ideas, please click here.

For more information, email me at