Valuing our NHS staff is important now more than ever

Dr Zofia Bajorek, Lead Researcher in HR and Management

I am putting it out there – I love the NHS. I know millions of people across the country do as well.  Having a service that provides free medical treatment - usually of high quality - when we need...

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Good Work: keeping health in the picture

Karen Steadman, Health, Wellbeing and Work Lead

The health of the working age population and its relationship to good work is a core interest of ours here at the Work Foundation. Health and work are inextricably linked, and we are pleased to see...

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Ensuring the Future of Good Work

Lesley Giles, Director

Today, the much anticipated ‘Good Work’ review on modern working practices was published. We welcome this report, its findings and recommendations, not least for its formal recognition for the...

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Women, Work & Health in the 21st century

Joy Reymond, Member of the Board of Directors at the Council for Work and Health, and Director at UK Rehabilitation Council

The Work Foundation has just released the first of a new series of reports on Gender, Sex, Health and Work, entitled “More than ‘Women’s Issues’: Women’s Reproductive and Gynaecological...

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More than “women’s issues”: why aren’t we focusing on reproductive and gynaecological health?

Cicely Dudley, Research & Policy Analyst

Women’s reproductive systems and gynaecology can have a considerable, and in some cases debilitating effect on their health. 51% of the UK population may, at some stage in their adult life,...

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Let’s join the campaign and create more Good Work

Lesley Giles, Director

The policy world may have taken a pause, with the calling of a snap election, but our work advancing the importance and value of good work must press ahead as nothing in the modern global economy ever...

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Working with HIV – report preview

Helen Sheldon, Researcher

Since Autumn 2016 the Work Foundation has been undertaking a piece of research to assess the impact of HIV on working lives in the UK. This extends our previous study on the economic costs associated...

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Early intervention: a solution for managing musculoskeletal conditions?

Dr James Chandler, Research & Policy Analyst

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions comprise a wide range of conditions that affect the joints, bones, muscles and connective tissues; they include rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing...

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It’s time for EAPs to realise their full potential

Paul Barrett, Head of Wellbeing at the Bank Workers Charity

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are now a familiar feature of the workplace landscape in the UK, with most large organisations offering them on a confidential basis to their employees. Their...

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2017 Spring Budget commentary

Professor Geraint Johnes, Director of Research

Productivity is the centrepiece of the Budget, with several specific infrastructure projects being allocated funding from the £23 billion fund previously announced in the Autumn Statement. The new...

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