The Role of the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)

Tuesday 5th December 2017, 11:45am-2:00pm. Work Foundation, London

The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) offers a connection between the challenges faced by the public sector and innovative thinking within industry

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Supporting more inclusive employment outcomes in growth sectors

Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 10.00-12.00 - The Work Foundation, London.

What is the role of employment, skills and economic development policy in realising the opportunities within key growth sectors? Professor Anne Green, Dr Paul Sissons and Dr Neil Lee will give their perspectives on this issue as part of the Work Foundation's Autumn Event Series in partnership with Lancaster University Management School.

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Achieving more Good Work in the 21st century

Tuesday, 19th September 2017, 08.30-10.30 - The Work Foundation, London.

Why is Good Work still important to a modern economy and what actions do we need to take if we are really going to achieve it in scale in the UK? These are the questions we will consider in a discussion led by Matthew Taylor on the back of his recent review of modern ways of working published in July.

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Industrial Strategy and the Future of Manufacturing in the UK

Thursday, 7th September 2017, 12.00-14.00 - The Work Foundation, London.

The publication of the UK Government’s green paper on industrial strategy has reignited debates about the targeting of industrial policy for particular sectors, technologies and industries. Modern manufacturing encompasses the whole value chain from research & development through production to support services. As such, it cuts across multiple sectors, industries and technologies, and is critical to place-based industrial strategy.

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Shape the Agenda of Good Work

Thursday, 1st December 2016, 07.45-10.30 - Churchill War Rooms, London

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