Achieving more Good Work in the 21st century

The Work Foundation, 21 Palmer Street, London SW1H 0AD

Tuesday 19th September 2017, 08.30am-10.30am

Confirmed Speakers

  • Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA
  • Mark Keese, Head of the Employment Analysis and Policy Division, OECD
  • Richard Baker, shadow CEO of Productivity Leadership Group (Be The Business)

Why is Good Work still important to a modern economy and what actions do we need to take if we are really going to achieve it in scale in the UK? These are the questions we will consider in a discussion led by Matthew Taylor on the back of his recent review of modern ways of working published in July. This session forms the second event in the Work Foundation’s seminar series this autumn, in partnership with Lancaster University, and is a great opportunity to contribute to our ongoing Commission on Good Work, concerned with how to enhance better working practices that make the most of people. Whilst many of the issues are not new, what this session can bring is insights about what we can do differently to really make a difference now.

The Taylor Review, which was commissioned last year by the Prime Minister, has inevitably ebbed and flowed across a variety of employment issues over the last few months, from futuristic debates around the impact of technology and advances in innovation to specific measures, around tax, employment rights and employee representation. Yet one core theme has been consistent throughout. How do we support businesses to create more Good Work?

Mathew Taylor has established a Good Work campaign in the UK, to develop a national strategy that can spread and share good practice amongst responsible businesses so Good Work is experienced in future by the many rather than the few. So how can we build on this campaign beyond the review and turn it into action? In this seminar we will ask the OECD to provide insights and lessons for the UK, drawing on international best practice as they develop a new Job Strategy across their 34 member countries, to support better employment opportunities world wide. Additionally, we will hear through Richard Baker, from BAe systems, about Sir Charlie Mayfield’s business-led Productivity Leadership Group, and how it intends to inspire more businesses in the UK to pursue productivity enhancing practices through people.

Following initial presentations and discussion amongst the panel, we will open up the debate, providing an opportunity for you to interact with speakers and other delegates via a Q&A session.

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