Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

The Work Foundation, 21 Palmer Street, London SW1H 0AD

Thursday  26th  of September 2019, 10:30 – 16:30 

The future of work increasingly depends on developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The current wave of AI applications have set in train fundamental transformations in the ways business is conducted and work is organized  across all sectors of the economy.


This workshop will bring together experts from industry, policy and academia to discuss the practical opportunities this presents and how to manage the threats. Early thinking tended to focus on the ‘magical’ potential of AI technologies to exceed the powers of human reasoning. However, as more and more businesses face the reality of failed and high cost AI implementations, there is increasing recognition of the need to understand more fully a range of managerial, technical, , ethical, regulatory governance and social issues, as humans partner with machines to get organizational work done. The objective of the workshop is to critically examine these issues in a organizational – political – social context and look forward toward what can be done.




  • How is AI affecting the future of work and what are the new Careers of the Future?
  • Are we sufficiently preparing for these new AI inspired tasks/Careers of the Future?
  • How do we manage any skills gaps (data science, process expertise, social and ethical concerns) to effectively implement AI?
  • What management issues/challenges is AI raising?
  • What regulations are needed to govern the effective use of AI


Speakers include, among others:

Phil Smith (Ex-Chairman and Chief Executive of Cisco), Montserrat Gomendio (Head of Centre for Skills, OECD), Stephen Cassidy (Chief Researcher, British Telecom), Helen Dickinson (CEO of BRC), Tim Page (Senior Policy Officer,Trade Union Congress), Chris Webber (Head of Open Innovation, Cabinet Office).



10:30 11:00 Coffee and registration

11:00 12:00 Opening remarks

12:00 12:15 Coffee & networking 

12:15 13:15 Workshop

13:15 14:15 Lunch & networking 

14:15 15:15 Action Planning 

15:15 15:30 Coffee & networking

15:30 16:20 Workshop 

16:20 16:30 Summary and close 


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