Gender, Sex, and Health at Work: Paper Launch

Launch of Health at Work Policy Unit Paper

‘Gender, Sex, and Health at Work’

The Work Foundation, 21 Palmer Street, London SW1H 0AD

Monday 5th June 2017, 1pm-3.30pm


Confirmed Speakers

  • Professor Dame Carol Black, Principal of Newnham College, Cambridge
  • Cicely Dudley, Research and Policy Analyst, the Work Foundation
  • Jenna Kerns, Research and Policy Analyst, the Work Foundation
  • Beth Husted, Occupational Health professional.


The Health at Work Policy Unit, part of Lancaster University’s Work Foundation, launched our paper More than “Women’s Issues” on Monday, 5th June 2017.


The Health at Work Policy Unit (HWPU) provides evidence-based policy recommendations and commentary on contemporary issues around health, wellbeing and work. It draws on The Work Foundation’s substantial expertise in workforce health, its reputation in the health and wellbeing arena and its relationships with policy makers. The HWPU aims to provide an independent, authoritative and evidence-based voice capable of articulating the views of all stakeholders.


Sex and gender, for many, play a role in defining our identity, experiences, and understanding of the world. The Work Foundation are launching a series of papers exploring how medical conditions affect men and women in the workplace, such as endometriosis, infertility, menopause, experiences of having caring responsibilities, and poor mental health and their impacts on employment and health. These issues affect men and women in different ways. The event aims to create a discussion on how policymakers can address the problems arising from these conditions, raise awareness, and inspire policy makers and stakeholders to engage both themselves and their organisations in productive action for change.

The event included a presentation on the findings of the report, followed by speeches from our panel, and a question and answer session.


Read the report and an overview of the series now.


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