WF100 Centenary Celebration

Shape a more competitive and inclusive future for the UK

 Victory Services Club,
63-79 Seymour Street, London W2 2HF

Thursday 2nd May 2019, 9.00 – 16.30


For over a century the Work Foundation has been advancing improvements in working conditions and championing Good Work for all. This celebratory event will bring together key influencers from across business, Government and the third sector, to revisit WF’s history and shape our collective future. The event will explore how we can unlock the power of people’s talents to drive a more competitive and inclusive economy over the next 100 years.



With the Work Foundation’s distinct track record advancing improvements in working conditions, this Centenary milestone presents a very unique opportunity to revisit with its partners what can be done to advance more good work in a modern economy to improve productivity and drive more inclusive growth in future.

Through the event, we are bringing together multiple perspectives from senior leaders, from businesses large and small, trade and professional bodies and trade unions, policy makers for national and local government, and wider experts from universities and research institutions.

Shape a more competitive and inclusive future for the UK culminate with a in the spring. This event seek to develop a new call to action around the key principles that will secure the future of good work over the next 100 years, including:

  1. Dynamism: Creating productive, dynamic and engaging workplaces supporting workplace innovation
  2. Resilience: Building a skilled and empowered workforce supporting agility through lifelong learning
  3. Partnership: Inspiring a new model of collaboration through socially responsible leadership and effective corporate governance
  4. Fairness: Driving inclusive growth and wellbeing at work

Key contributors include:

Nigel Whitehead (BAE Systems)                     Matthew Taylor (RSA)

Tony Danker (Be the Business)                        Rannia Leontaridi (BEIS)

Matthew Fell (CBI)                                             Andreas Schleicher (OECD)

Mark Keese (OECD)                                           Phil Smith (formerly Cisco)

Paul Nowak (TUC)                                              Professor Dame Sue Black (Lancaster University)

David Hughes (Association of Colleges)


The event programme will be published shortly.