Health at work policy unit

Client: Napp Pharmaceutical Group

The Health at Work Policy Unit (HWPU) provides evidence-based policy recommendations and commentary on contemporary issues around health, wellbeing and work. It draws on The Work Foundation’s substantial expertise in workforce health, its reputation in the health and wellbeing arena and its relationships with policy makers. The HWPU aims to provide an independent, authoritative and evidence-based voice capable of articulating the views of all stakeholders.

It does this through three main functions:

  • The production of ‘white papers’ which draw on pre-existing literature and data and are informed by expert advice, in order to form innovative, insightful and practical policy recommendations
  • Responding to and influencing political debate
  • Acting as a repository for information, good practice and evidence-based solutions, and monitoring and publicising national, regional or local initiatives.

By thinking big, we hope to form new and innovative policy recommendations which can genuinely alter the attitudes and behaviour of policy makers, health professionals, employers and individuals towards workforce health.

The HWPU is supported by Napp Pharmaceutical Group.

For more information please contact James Chandler at

Ready for Work

Clients: Novartis International AG (founding and lead supporter) and Merck (co-supporter)

Currently in Europe there is an estimated 700,000 people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), 70% of them diagnosed during their prime working years. However, many people with MS find themselves outside of the labour market, despite being able and willing to continue working.

In response to this we are currently building the case for Workability for individuals living with MS, through our research activity we are conducting reviews of the evidence and mapping key stakeholders across Europe with the aim of developing tools to help overcome the barriers to Workability.

We are working with the European MS Platform on the delivery of this project. For more details please contact Antonella Cardone at

Staff engagement and wellbeing in the NHS

Client: The Health Foundation

The Work Foundation is conducting research to help establish a ‘hard business case’ for the development of employee engagement interventions in the NHS with the hypothesis that improving staff engagement will lead to improved patient outcomes and improved productivity and performance in the health service.

The project, delivered alongside partners at The Point of Care Foundation and RAND Europe, will include a rapid review of the evidence on employee engagement in the NHS, secondary analysis of NHS surveys and other relevant datasets, and case studies of good practice.

Reviewing the effectiveness of Employee Assistance Programmes

Client: EAPA

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are among the most commonly used wellbeing interventions in the UK. Given the large potential ‘reach’ of this kind of intervention, and the possible impact on employee wellbeing, The Work Foundation is conducting research to understand the ‘state of the market’ for the use and effectiveness of EAPs in the UK.

The project is being delivered across two stages. The first stage of work surveys HR Managers about their organisational use of EAPs, and also includes in-depth interviews to explore themes regarding EAPs more thoroughly.  Through this stage we are also surveying the providers of EAPs.  Building upon the data gathered, Stage 2 will seek to address some assumptions regarding the Return-on-Investment of EAPs in the workplace.

Read the full report here