Publication of the Government’s Work, Health and Disability Green Paper

The Work Foundation welcomes the publication of the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper, as a positive step to developing a long-term strategy for improving sustainable employment outcomes for the 1 in 3 people of working age with one or more long-term physical and /or mental health conditions.

Recent reports from the Work Foundation, including last week’s ‘Complexities and Challenges; Working with multiple conditions’ examine the very barriers to work that people with physical and mental health conditions face.

The findings suggest that more needs to be done in supporting organisations to support their workers with long term health problems, as well as a swing change in culture to empower workers to feel like they can disclose and discuss health issues.

Karen Steadman of the Work Foundation says, “We are pleased to see in this Green Paper recognition of a wide range of issues which the Work Foundation, particularly through its Health at Work Policy Unit, has long advocated to see – including a clearer focus on retention and the challenges which employers, and particularly smaller employers, can face in supporting employees with health and other barriers. Further we call upon employers to strive to develop cultures where employees can feel confident in disclosing their health challenges, and supported in managing them at work”