Our core team are at the heart of our organisation, bringing together vast research expertise and professional services skills to deliver and promote our high quality applied research that influences public policies, organisational practices and empowers individuals.

Zofia Bajorek

01524 592961

Antonella Cardone

Fit for Work - Executive Director

Cicely Dudley

Research and Policy Analyst
01524 592580

Richard van ‘t Erve

Finance and Operations Manager
01524 593295

Cathy Garner

Partnerships Director
01524 594948

Lesley Giles

01524 594993

Geraint Johnes

Research Director
01524 594215

Monika Ozdzynska

Executive Administrative Officer
01524 594944

Ala’a Shehabi

Senior Researcher
01524 592939

Helen Sheldon

01524 592087

Karen Steadman

Health, Wellbeing and Work Lead
01524 592421

Monica Andriescu

Research and Policy Analyst

01524 593360

James Chandler

Research and Policy Analyst

01524 592840

Jenna Kerns

Research Assistant
01524 593881

David Shoesmith

Business Development Manager

01524 592072

Stephanie Scott-Davies

Communications Specialist

01524 593601


We are proud to work closely with a number of associates who share the values and vision of The Work Foundation. Our associates offer broad expertise from leadership and organisational development to economic and skills assessments. For enquiries about our associates, please contact

Heather Carey

Research & Strategy Specialist



Liz Cochrane

Employee Engagement Specialist

Ian Lawson

Leadership Development Specialist


Nicola Mitchell

Knowledge Based Development Specialist


Maggie Smith

Leadership Development Specialist

Professor Michael West

Organisational Psychologist


Julia Woodford

Employee Engagement Specialist

Ian Brinkley



Peter Forbes

OD & HR Specialist


Marianne Huggett

OD & HR Specialist


Marjory Mair

OD & HR Specialist


Jane Sullivan

OD & HR Specialist

Rosemary Thomas

Research Specialist


Peter Wall

Leadership Development Specialist



We collaborate with range of organisations across multiple sectors including corporate, government, academia, charitable and voluntary. To get involved, please get in touch with us.


We have a long and proud history of respected, independent, evidence-based research.  Through the lens of Good Work we are currently focusing on health and wellbeing, productivity and skills and the future of work.


Our staff and associates have considerable experience in the business. Their methodological and practical expertise is a great asset to our working partnerships.